Month: August 2017


Diversity has become the most talked-about topic these days. Here are some viewpoints as highlighted in my blog: 1. Why it matters according to Carlos Ghosn? Link 2. English as the common language according to Hiroshi Mikitani. Link 3. Diversity Disrupted at The Salesforce Design Leadership…

Unlikely hero

Can someone page Dennis Rodman? Rodman might be the best option to broker a peace agreement. 🙂 

Lightning improvements

Salesforce is empowering users across industries through Lightning (article). Nearly everyone has become a believer in Cloud solutions. The challenge continues in migrating from an older edition of Salesforce. There is also a ton of data migration and solutioning involved in moving from legacy applications…

Top Dog

Almost top dog in the local tennis league @Bay club

New mantras

New career mantras have overtaken old rules (article) in the on-demand, nonstop world of business. I love Southwest Airlines’ mission statement which conforms to the new rules. Order-taking pursuits will inevitably be automated. Customer marketing is important, but self-motivated employees will determine your customer…