“We take care of our own”

American presidencies were known by their campaign songs, especially when the messaging aligned with the lyrics.

Fleetwood Mac struck a cord when its 70s hit “Don’t Stop” ushered in the Clinton administration in the 90s.

Donald Trump used Lee Greenwood’s anthem “God bless the USA,” which aligned perfectly with his 2016 campaign.

Will.i.am’s “Yes we can” was a stroke of genius during Barack Obama’s 2008 run for office. I was on the ground floor of the Obama campaign, and it inspired many young people and me to chase our dreams.

What about Joe Biden? He made a politically correct choice. Everyone loves Bruce Springsteen. Yet, no one seems to know about the song. The music doesn’t move the masses anymore.

Old songs as political slogans matter less these days, given the proliferation of social media. Political tweets and Facebook ads overwhelm minds and influence easily. The impact of musicians is getting drowned out by political narcissism triggered by social media. Everyone is an artist leaving instruments and lyrics behind. The only requirement is being able to strike keys on a smartphone for an endorphin high. 

great tweet by entrepreneur Naval Ravikant

Politicians and entrepreneurs know that that the accumulation of clicks and gold (campaign $) extend their careers — the tech-savvy golden rule is now entirely hackable.

What happens when the timeless music from Bruce Springsteen, Lee Greenwood, Will.i.am, Fleetwood Mac, and others disappear from our headsets? Of all communities, musicians need help and deserve our support. Music inspired every Presidential era, and musicians are our own.