America ticks to the idea of prosperity — a materialistic gospel that financial success, health, and a loving family is all that you need. Supposedly, an inner faith grows in proportion to your bank account and positive behavior. The Hindu law of Karma resonates with the Prosperity Gospel. An apostle of this trend, Donald Trump grew from America’s winner-take-all culture that subsumed Faith, too. The general perception is that he will get re-elected if the economy stays on the fast lane. Somehow, Money became Faith’s best friend.

To accept the Prosperity Gospel, I get vibes that I’m continually sold-to, even in San Francisco, the hippie capital of the world. When I travel outside America, I realize that I’m a person again and not a customer or prospect in someone’s database. It’s hard to get excited about good intentions that don’t come for free. You don’t leave your AMEX card behind like the American commercial says. 🤣

What I’m looking for is Grace — the state of unconditional love. I think Faith ultimately comes from a divine source that is not keeping score and will save us no matter who we are. What makes Faith grow is expanding Grace to encompass the rest of humanity, especially those underserved, hungry, and struggling to survive. In giving, we receive. The world needs prosperity, but it needs Grace even more. Miracles happen every day because of random acts of kindness.