Tesla coming to Austin

Austin won the Tesla factory sweepstakes, which comes as no surprise to these brown eyes. I’ve seen Austin grow up from scratch, near Dell’s world headquarters. Once the pandemic ends, Austin will benefit immensely as other innovators head this way.

More than anything else, native Texans scare away most Californians thinking about moving here. I grew up in the suburbs of Austin as a smart kid in a mediocre class. Austin has always been the beacon on a hill overseeing a flat, conservative state.

It’s America’s worst kept secret. 🤣 Austin’s advantages are clear: zero state income tax, luxury housing for one-third of California’s overrated market, public schools which compare favorably with California’s best districts, and a world-class university with nonstop cultural and sports programming for entertainment. Austin is liberal, not quite Berkeley-Left, nor catering to NYC’s intellectuals, but conscious enough to accommodate everyone, including those with mixed political views. There are a lot of Ron Paul libertarians.

I’m sure Elon Musk’s bet on Austin is 99% business, but 1% goes toward culture. The rest of Texas is desperate to attract the jobs of the future. Austin has the right culture. Austin’s quirky influence draws well-educated non-Texans. The state just might flip in November when Biden wins over the country and steals Texas, too: Link

The Tesla factory signals a tipping point for attracting a new generation of smarter, kinder Texans.