Oldsmobile vs Camaro

The independent voter will determine the 2020 election. I left the Democratic Party because it became geriatric and out of touch with everyday Americans. Judging by the lineup in the upcoming Democratic and Republican conventions, the parties draw mostly from their past with few speakers representing the youth of America. There are too many U.S. politicians in their 60s and 70s still calling the shots. Thought leadership from the 20th century is inadequate for the 21st century’s problems involving pandemics, climate change, and civil unrest because of inequality. I wish politicians couldn’t run for public office after age 65. They certainly shouldn’t negotiate for younger generations who’ll be left to face terrible outcomes of lousy legislation and years of spiraling government debt.

I supported Andrew Yang because he brought ideas to the table as an outsider and represented a younger generation. The promise of youth, the openness to different ideologies, and the acceleration of personal progress drive younger generations.

It will take a different type of vehicle to survive the new normal. Most of the messengers of both parties represent what is tantamount to the old-school patriarchal car ads of the 1980s.

Those 80s fathers have become grandfathers now. Some still crave shiny new objects and refuse to give up the car keys. Many lurk in the halls of Congress.

80s Trump

I’m not enamored with Joe Biden, but he’s a good person. I can’t stand Donald Trump. Forget politics, the acceptance of amoral human beings is an indictment on America’s character. If a Republican like Mitt Romney threw his hat into this ring, he would get my vote.

The quality of politicians elected represents the character of most precincts. Too many junkyard dogs somehow got a job in Congress. The options are mediocre in 2020: a blemish-free Oldsmobile with transmission problems versus a beaten-up Camaro from the junkyard.

America is hurting from poor governance. The Oldsmobile, named Joe, is the right choice to get America back on track.