Raise the Debt Ceiling

FiveThirtyEight highlights the lack of public awareness regarding the debt ceiling and implications of not doing the needful — raising it again for the umpteenth time. A vote against raising the debt limit is not just about funding the future but also current obligations — social security, the US military, public healthcare, and so forth. The list is endless to prop this country up. A default would result in a broad stock market selloff, mass poverty, and chaos on the streets in the middle of a pandemic. Everyone would fall through the cracks.

It’s unlikely many of those biding their time in Congress will have anywhere to run by voting against the measure. The obfuscation of the GOP on what this really means is the least patriotic thing to do unless they have already found bunkers in Montana, along with fifty years of food supplies and enough weapons to ward off the rise of Taliban-style warlordism. America would become the most dangerous country in the world.

Yes, the smelly can needs to be kicked down the road one more time. Most importantly, the geriatric officials who represent this country as Republicans and Democrats in Congress should not be in charge of ill-fated public policy that continues to ruin the lives of future generations. Make sure you contact your congressional delegation and ensure they vote to raise the debt ceiling by heeding the words of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

The next step is to vote out the old farts in future elections by empowering young people who want to solve real problems in this country! Nobody should be allowed to hold public office for more than two terms, just like the US President.