Global Weirding

Katharine Hayhoe is a rare thought leader who frequently appears on CNN’s political show hosted by Fareed Zakaria and at various Faith-based forums. Her unique gospel combines climate science with her religious beliefs. Back in the 1980s, extreme weather events happened every 4 months. Today, they occur every three weeks. The world desperately needs conversations that educate on the dual importance of Faith and science to save us from ourselves: BYU talk

The mainstream media, Elon Musk, and Silicon Valley would benefit from hearing voices that bring a softer, gentler way of addressing climate change. The climate change narrative doesn’t need to be as dark and dour as it’s made out to be. Climate change can’t be solved without the support of billions of believers who want to hear this gospel (via all religions), but in a manner that changes their hearts and minds. Katharine Hayhoe leads the way in this regard.