Need a good customer experience?

It’s easy to remember a bad customer experience. Good experiences happen all the time but we forget them easily.

Here are some recommendations:

Philz Coffee (Any location)


Amber India Restaurant in San Francisco


The County Line is still open in Austin, Texas


Dhaba India in Tokyo


Red Rooster in Harlem, NYC



Education = Entrepreneurship

There’s always a better way to get things done. Recently I discovered an app called Finish, “the to-do list for procrastrinators.”


The tool is great and has become popular. Of course, apps happen all the time in Silicon Valley, except Finish was created by Ryan Orbuch, a high school student in Colorado. Ryan was the youngest entrepreneur in Brad Feld’s TechStars startup accelerator.

Ryan won’t need to go to college because he was given a platform to develop his talents. Most high schools don’t offer a path for talented students like Ryan. If you grew up in Texas like me, you would have wasted time taking courses like “Texas History.” Fortunately, I ended up in a good place after plowing through college and challenging jobs. Sometimes I wish I had known then what I know now.

High schools are slowly nurturing their talent pool which would otherwise get wasted. They can unleash creativity by equipping students with entrepreneurial education ( or providing access to top-flight professionals(  There is a knowing- doing gap in our high school and college systems which could put America behind for decades. Yet this not exclusively an American problem. It is a global pandemic. Most kids are fully capable of carving a future for themselves. There’s alot of nonsense being taught in schools and colleges which infuse generic skills that can be replaced quickly. Instead, we must ensure that children develop a non-stop drive for learning and a capacity for leadership that keeps them ahead of the curve. The worst case scenario is mis-Education and poverty leading to violence and endless wars. Most of the world is in the red zone.

I’ve become a fan and supporter of nonprofits like  If you are in the education field, think about entrepreneurship and developing future leaders like Ryan Orbuch.

“My biggest motivation? Just to keep challenging myself. I see life almost like one long University education that I never had — everyday I’m learning something new.”
– Richard Branson


mil·len·nial /miˈlenēəl/

My company has a world-wide training facility just outside Chicago. I had the fortune of serving as a faculty to a very bright group in St. Charles. It was challenging assignment given the diversity and range of experiences of our audience. The primary goal was to equip the group with a technology foundation so that they can help implement large programs at enterprise clients.


Most of the participants were millennials — wired to their smart phones and very much in tune with modern pop culture and social media.  Here are some takeaways:

* Millennials are driven and seek efficiency in everything they do, judging by the number of smart phone apps they use daily. They get bored easily.

* Millennials connect easily and quickly grasp ideas from their shared experiences. Collaboration is not something which needs to be taught. However, the right tools can be rolled out and moderated to promote ideas. Firms which are investing heavily in social media tools will understand their workers and customers much better.

* Sustainability and Eco are hot topics. Do-gooders want meaningful work to ensure loyalty and longevity in their careers. It was a challenge to share war stories which go beyond helping a client achieve business goals. Corporate Social Responsibility programs make a difference in the community and help retain your rock star employees.

* Winning is also about having fun. Employee engagement goes up if winning can be gamified in creative ways. Millennials love to compete.

* Companies like ours would benefit by crowdsourcing small projects.  A program was recently rolled out offering “job jars” for consultants on the “bench.”  These “job jar” programs can be utilized more widely.

* The short video format was popular via movie clips and TED talks . These helped connect the dots towards a bigger vision. Long speeches and dry topics do not resonate with this group. Every project has meaning and some could make the world a better place. Leaders need to drive home the point. Here’s a good example:

Recent studies indicate that over 70% of the global workforce will be under 30 years old by 2024. And they are available 24×7.

It boils down to this: Will millennials buy your products or consider working for you? Are you ready for them?

Motivation Part 2

Eco movie from Sherpas Cinema

Good report from Hootsuite (attached)

Hootsuite offers brand management social media tools. “Social Selling” is the buzzword for FY2015. It needs to be formalized within businesses in order to show value. Adoption is growing.

Social Media Education- The New Edge for Success