A crisis always brings forth behavioral change. Governor Jerry Brown has issued mandatory water restrictions for the State of California.
The State of Nevada and Las Vegas has dealt with this crisis much longer.

What happens in Vegas may happen in California, too.


What Silicon Valley offers is a model for building things faster than anywhere else. We have a brave new world for getting things done, except only a few of us have arrived. This is why I live here…



America is the most desirable place for immigrants. It’s a no-brainer why people choose to come here. Skills-based immigration needs greater clearance. This is why I support FWD.US


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Japanese marketing

The Japanese band Mahousyoujo-ni-naritai was popular at SXSW in Austin.

Japanese companies have become good at exporting their cars and electronics. Japanese food is mainstream in most countries.

When it comes to musical talent and startup technologies, there is a long way to go even if the product is good. Web marketing and e-commerce is not tailored to an overseas audience (http://mahousyoujoninaritai.com/en/index.html).

I believe this will only change when the Japanese government promotes entrepreneurial education, and allows its people to embrace international business culture. Japan’s immigration problem is far worse than the US. The gates are essentially locked to foreign talent. Japanese knowledge workers struggle to keep up with the pace of change, while Chinese and Indians race ahead.

If you are launching in Japan, make sure your product is feature-rich and easy to use.


The new normal

I’ve traveled a lot. Glad it’s over. No planes. No car. In a past life, sometimes I would hit 100,000 miles in one year.


The Future of Frictionless

Good presentation.  What is a frictionless customer experience?

1. Reliable

2. Relevant

3. Valuable

4. Trustable

Adding one more:

5. Sharing the Japanese spirit of hospitality known as Omotenashi

The Future of Frictionless.