The Future of Frictionless

Good presentation.  What is a frictionless customer experience?

1. Reliable

2. Relevant

3. Valuable

4. Trustable

Adding one more:

5. Sharing the Japanese spirit of hospitality known as Omotenashi

The Future of Frictionless.


It’s easy to migrate to the SaaS world, and even easier to switch to another solution. How do you keep your customers happy?


[excellent report about churn from]

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Serve the people


If you serve the people, the money will
come. I wrote this blog some time ago. Let’s hope more companies get this right.

purpose of business

Stay hungry

Today, I did something different. Selling your car is not a big deal.
I made the decision to go car-free.
On my birthday.

I gave away a good car. And won’t need one in Silicon Valley or anywhere else.

Steve Jobs narrates this ad which was a call to action. To do something different. Let’s see where this takes me.

Gotta get away

De-cluttering in the Japanese way

Less ends up being more