Dandiya in Tokyo

There are a million clips like this one on youtube. Except this one is from Edogawa, Tokyo. A neighborhood called Nishi Kasai is home to over 2000 Indians. You wouldn’t know it if you watched my clip. Indians know how to survive anywhere.

I lived on the other side of town in Hiroo but made the annual pilgrimage to Nishi Kasai for their Diwali program.

Mark Cuban Quote

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Getting started with Freshdesk

Not all Cloud software was intended to be rocket science. Some tools like Freshdesk and Freshservice are ready for deployment today. Expensive SaaS software and Mensa-like tests with certification requirements should not stop you from becoming a Cloud champion. Simplicity can solve most problems. Free support takes you to another level.

There is no time to kill. Your business needs a cost-effective solution today. Become a rock star admin with Freshdesk or Freshservice. Over thirty thousand Freshdesk customers have gone LIVE successfully. Achieve your IT and customer support goals.

Share your stories to increase adoption. Here are sample training videos from one of Freshdesk’s customers:

Who made who?

Will technology own the human race? …maybe AC/DC got it right in the 80s.


NPS is a tool to gauge the loyalty of a firm’s customer relationships. It should be part of your toolkit as you measure “customer” health.

Hunters vs Farmers

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