Month: September 2014

Education = Entrepreneurship

There’s always a better way to get things done. Recently I discovered an app called Finish, “the to-do list for procrastrinators.” The tool is great and has become popular. Of course, apps happen all the time in Silicon Valley, except Finish was created by Ryan Orbuch, a…

japanese version of today


mil·len·nial /miˈlenēəl/

My company has a world-wide training facility just outside Chicago. I had the fortune of serving as a faculty to a very bright group in St. Charles. It was challenging assignment given the diversity and range of experiences of our audience. The primary goal was to…

Motivation Part 2

Eco movie from Sherpas Cinema

Good report from Hootsuite (attached)

Hootsuite offers brand management social media tools. “Social Selling” is the buzzword for FY2015. It needs to be formalized within businesses in order to show value. Adoption is growing. Social Media Education- The New Edge for Success  

Do blogs reveal someone’s Myers-Briggs personality type?

Yes, blogs and sample writing provide enough evidence according to this tool created by Swedish entrepreneur Mattias Ostmar. This is useful from a business standpoint if you have to understand different work styles. It seems accurate based on a quick test of family and friends. Ref:…