Month: July 2015

NFL role model

There are few role models in the NFL. Nate Boyer is one of them…Texas football, Hollywood, becoming a Green Beret in the Army and then back to football in the NFL…

Winning like APJ

Ex-Indian President APJ passed away. APJ Abdul Kalam came from humble roots and reached the pinnacle of Indian Statesmanship. Condolences to his family and to India which lost a great human being. APJ Wiki

More is more

I often get asked what is the right level of hand-holding needed to manage customers as part of a customer success program. Typically, a customer which generates $10,000 annual revenue (at least, $800 MRR) needs dedicated support. Workflow-based analytics/tools can replace spreadsheets when there is a substantial number of…

the other AOL

AOL is a well-known tech company. AOL launched successful careers for many people. Another AOL is a community which teaches yoga, breathing and silence. Art of Living courses have made many people happier in their journey. I’ve taken a bunch of AOL courses and find value each…

Systemizers vs Empathizers

Does music preference tell what type of person you are? Not sure. I was into hard rock growing up, and then hip hop in college. Now I listen to everything. Article link

Focus on Must-have

Most tech-related decisions I make as a business user are based on a single overall criterion: must-have or nice-to-have. I find must-have products are typically stand-alone or can become stand-alone through widgets or integrations. A mothership product company with a platform can outlast the niche “food truck” vendor companies. The nice-to-have “food…

80 dollar coffee in LA

Successful cafe in LA with a unique story…

Song about everyday heroes

what makes the world tick..


@robot hotel….No other country pays as much attention to self-less hospitality as Japan. Will it perfect a robotic version of this? The founder has 15 “human” employees and says he wants to reduce this soft head count by automation. This is a major story if you…


A collaboration framework can be implemented to scale an organization’s culture. Here is something I taught @Accenture’s training academy. Culture is what drives adoption, not necessarily tools.

光陰矢のごとし Time flies like an arrow

You will spend 90,000 to 100,000 hours working during a lifetime. How much time did you spend “serving,” while you were working? All work has a service component. Were you aligned based on a purpose? KarmaTube is a project of ServiceSpace.

Vice Media and the Yakuza

Fyi..interesting video about the Yakuza in Japan. Nearly 700,000 views. Vice Media and their provocative journalism attracts a lot of fans.