Month: September 2015

Purpose-driven data

Takeaways from Ben Wellington, data guru for NYC: 1. Connect with People 2. Try to convey one idea 3. Keep it simple 4. Explore the things you know best

Skip the wisdom and get to the point

Speech-making in the traditional sense is going away. Long talks rarely motivate an audience without blending in humor and an obvious purpose. How to capture an audience like Jack Black

The Silo Effect

I lived in Tokyo many years ago. Interesting people roamed the streets, especially in areas like Hiroo and Azabu. I casually met Gillian Tett who was writing a book about my employer at that time. Shinsei Bank is not well known these days, but…

Election 2016


Benioff vs Kalanick

Maybe, the most interesting session at Dreamforce this week

Ten minutes to get started

Can meditation be industrialized? Guru Andy Puddicombe launches a new startup. Headspace offers a gym membership for the mind and eager investors.

Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, and a tragedy for the poor

Yes, consuming this blog is what you shouldn’t be doing. Aziz Ansari will make you believe it’s worth it.