Month: August 2017

The most important choice for happiness

This theory could be connected to Seth Godin’s talk about tribes and leadership. Your tribe influences your happiness and decision-making more than anything else. Ultimately, you control who is in your life. This makes other choices simpler to figure out…like changing the world we live…

1st Fridays at Kapor Center – 9/1/2017

Date: Friday, September 1, 2017 Location: Kapor Center for Social Impact 2148 Broadway, Oakland, CA, 94612 Link

Enterprise readiness

Enterprise readiness is critical before embarking on a customer success journey. The smartest consultants don’t guarantee success. It’s important to get the house in order before hiring experts. A playbook can get you started. Here are excellent points to consider when hiring external consultants: Link

Middle of the road


Health Cloud – Summer ’17 release

Purpose-driven life

VC John Doerr gave the best entrepreneurial talk I’ve ever heard (in person). Maintaining a purpose-driven mission can advance one’s career journey (and improve personal health). Life is simple. Short term financial rewards may outweigh long-term benefits. But a culture of giving back outlasts…

Meaning of compassion

Dreamforce is a technology conference. Marc Benioff continues to weave in themes that go beyond tech like Larry Brilliant’s memorable talk last year.