Month: March 2016

Hidden retreat

There’s a new discovery found almost every week in California. You have a lifetime of opportunities to escape the daily grind — for unique retreats or scenic getaways. Sometimes, it takes more than a beach resort to find solace. The New Camaldoli Heritage in…

More than a game

The Portland Trail Blazers have embedded sustainability into their mission. They may not win the NBA championship this year. Portland wins by impacting their community.

R.I.P.  Andy Grove


Core values matter

Really like Home Depot’s core values. These are the table stakes which hold large enterprises together.

Speed is almost everything

Here’s a great playbook if you trying to create new products. Anyone who executes projects would benefit from this guidebook for the digital age… Link  

Before Burning Man

48 years and counting…Auroville is still going strong in South India. Long before Burning  Man, Auroville began its experimental community and set forth principles and ideas being picked up all over the world. There are interesting projects happening there all the time. Highly recommended a…

I started a blog in an attempt to escape the noise and avoid  becoming derivative of general ideas. The mission hasn’t failed yet. The key is to focus on the “why”, and not simply the “what.” You have more control over “why” you publish…