Month: November 2016

Japanese Proverb

Nokorimono ni wa fuku ga aru

Known issues and Health Dashboards

So much of our work is dependent on cloud services. Sometimes the cloud goes down or becomes dysfunctional. Threat monitoring is keeping everyone up at night. Round-the-clock monitoring is required if you are dependent on one of the major services or maintain status on…

It’s just a game

Fantasy football can dominate the conversation these days. It’s a safe bet given how coarse the national discourse has become. I haven’t been lucky until now. There is a method to the Fantasy madness. Hint, I’ve used the waiver wire a lot and found…

11/17 BUILD Showcase at Oakland Tech

Entrepreneurship has taken center stage in the last few years. Educating our children with this mindset has become a top goal regardless of one’s political affiliation or belief system. Even the new POTUS came from these roots. Entrepreneurship is the mantra for the fortunate….

Spaceship Update

Systems of engagement 

What’s more crucial to customer success? Systems of engagement or systems of record?  Actually, both. However, the customer experience is impacted more by building and integrating systems of engagement than by making minor tweaks to systems of record. The on-demand SaaS world doesn’t require…

Minto Pyramid Principle

Business communication is never easy. In the world of enterprise technology, it’s easy to get bogged down by observations and technical analysis. I like what Tomasz Tunguz has written here about the Minto Pyramid Principle (MPP). This is an outcome-based approach to problem-solving. This…