Month: April 2016

3 sources of happiness


ATX – 4/23/2016

Enjoyed Earth Day in Austin. Good to see the old, alongside the new: Asleep at the Wheel and emerging band, Ruby and the Reckless

While my guitar weeps

A Beatles cover by Prince and some legends of Rock. Always ahead of his time and sadly, left us too early. RIP

Facebook + Salesforce

Facebook + Salesforce = Happy Customers? Will this solve the analog (outdated) mode of Salesforce communication technology? Salesforce blog

Serious Tennis

Tennis is making a comeback in the US. It’s been popular in Atlanta for a couple decades. I discovered Serious Tennis, a tennis store chain found nowhere else. 

Top Golf

Enjoyed Top Golf in Atlanta. The sport of tennis needs something like this. Link

Good talk

…if you live in both worlds…