Month: August 2019

Building a Tech company like Sony

Sony is not what it used to be. Japan, Inc. is relevant, but no longer a powerhouse. Old school rarely gets noticed in this age of warp speed. John Nathan’s story of Sony is a cautionary tale but also highlights conscientious leadership. Sony might…

CX for Social Impact

Nice clip highlighting the difference. Stay tuned for an event on 11/12 about implementing CX at orgs focused on social impact.

The problem with social media

What’s the point of connecting in the first place?

When I’m not thinking about changing the world, I think about Salesforce. Here’s an awesome blog by Rikke Hovgaard.

It’s automation, stupid

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang portended an ominous future in the recent debate. Forget about the immigration threat to American jobs, automation is here to stay. More experts are needed to implement automation tools. Great video here showing how one worker has survived workforce disruption in…

CCXP eligibility

Helpful webinar while preparing for the CX certification. It’s a lot more than I expected.

Caregiving 101 @MD Anderson

My family is grateful for the loving support of family, friends, colleagues, and many strangers. Some of the best tips we received in this cancer journey were from Uber and Lyft drivers. Many caregivers are children of patients. It’s difficult to begin journeys into…