Month: November 2018

Vancouver – 11/24

Great city. Maybe pricier than SF!


Japan is experiencing a tech boom in smaller cities. Wakayama Prefecture is attracting companies such as Salesforce. I’m familiar with larger cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. Metros are favored in most countries. Local outposts have been a part of the tech trend in…

Rules for adding connections

I receive a lot of LinkedIn connection requests from people I hardly know. Here are four questions which will help me decide on whether to add someone to my network: Have you met in person? If not, have you spoken at length based on…

The Elements of Value

Timeless article. How many elements of value does your org provide to increase customer loyalty? Link

The Pain of Discipline

Nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes and Alabama winning championships under Nick Saban.

Measuring what matters

The influential B Lab nonprofit built an assessment app on Heroku, which is part of the Salesforce ecosystem. This is a great Heroku case study. ICIX is another Heroku/Salesforce case study which I’m familiar with. There are many other stories highlighting social impact using…

Marketing is really about values

If the values resonate, sales will grow fast. I work with smart engineers who can build almost anything. However, products don’t sell themselves without brilliant marketing. New technologies should be worst kept secrets if the intention is to get the world to adopt them….