Month: October 2015


The Untouchables may be an American movie classic. It’s a sad documentary in India, made positive by Americans.


Founder of the Buddhify app with a interesting talk

The New Superhero: content curators

Are you an information janitor or a content curator? The SmartNews application has become a superhero for news junkies like me. SmartNews is a machine learning startup powered by a team of Japanese engineers:


Good talk about how Indian business culture can go from street smart “survivalism” to world class systems thinking. If India can fix these issues highlighted by Prof. Krishnan, the best talent may not want to leave. Just imagine if India became more process-oriented and…

Future’s so bright

This was my song growing up. There will always be naysers and doomsdayers. And there are entrepreneurs. Make sure the fun never ends. Better days ahead.

When do you begin a vertical marketing strategy as a startup?

You launch a company. You get traction. Everyone needs your product. Not everyone wants the same version of your product. Many of your customers don’t have time to configure it for their industry, even though your product is D-I-Y (do it yourself). Then you…

Life is like a soundtrack I wrote to the beat