Month: December 2017

Customer Success for Good in 2018

More events on the way…Feel free to join the meetup. This is a great opportunity for impact-oriented startups and customer success professionals. 2018 will be banner year for corporate social responsibility. Companies will offer more products and services that improve their customers’ lives.

STEM vs pipe dream

I grew up idealizing tennis stars and thought I would succeed like Andre Agassi. That dream didn’t happen as planned. Fortunately, I was able to find a career that bridged interests like technology and social impact. Sports and music are lifelong hobbies that can flourish….

Life without FB

There’s a lot of buzz recently about the negative impact of social media. I met Chamath Palihapitiya many years ago when he was in charge of growth at Facebook. It’s interesting that he’s become a detractor now. It was embarrassing to tell him back…

Process vs Content

Process helps drive success. However, content is much more valuable these days. Silicon Valley gets it. Yet, most of the business world is process-driven and slower to adopt the creative culture envisioned by the late Steve Jobs. Flexibility and patience brings teams together.