Month: June 2019

How to Deliver not so good news

Good tips here from Shep Hyken. As a customer of the Dollar Shave Club(DSC) (and one-time customer success account manager for a client delivering to DSC), DSC has executed this strategy well — achieving a price increase without encountering much churn.

Lincoln quote

There’s something wrong about a world bent towards rewarding crooks and con men. But it’s harder to make sense of the faithful and spiritually-inclined willing to support extreme agendas. Both liberals and conservatives focus on winning versus leading. What’s happened to moral leadership in…


Third-party data makes sense for validation using sources such as D&B if in-house data quality is especially poor. No need to embark on red stapler exercises when things have to get done fast.

RIP Newstands

Less than 20% of newstands remain in NYC from their peak in the 1950s. Link Only nostalgia remains for business travelers like me who were addicted to the experience of buying a newspaper and a morning bagel for the subway ride. All eyes including…

6/20/2019 – World Refugee Day in Seattle

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How to Import Data into Salesforce

This 5 video series along with a dedicated trailhead module will help if you are new to Salesforce.

The Trouble with Meetings

People analytics @Microsoft discovered the culprit behind employee dissatisfaction. According to this NYT article, the meeting culture was out of control. NYT article An average of 27 hours per week were set aside for large meetings in one division. Self-driven work time @Microsoft got…