Month: September 2016

Sustainable career path

About 5 to 10 years ago,  sustainability was a trending career move and there was a movement to make it a top investment priority. Somehow, career opportunities languished as the Cleantech sector did not take off as everyone expected it to. I began my…

The Future of Customer Experience


When home is not really home

I found myself in an exotic land many years ago. I was given a playbook. The game there required me to participate in a handful of plays until my visa expired… My idealist self reminds me that the world should unite to overcome the…

CX Day – 10/5/2016

CX Day is on 10/5. Watch out for events hosted by a chapter near you (Link). The SF chapter will have a career-oriented discussion. I’ve posted about CX before. It’s not the same thing as customer success.  SF event registration (link)  

Noise vs Bias

Insightful article about the high cost of inconsistent decision-making… Article

Left-brain and Right-brain (feed both)

In the business world, there are unlimited opportunities to learn through ‘left-brain’ activities. A few years back I decided to complement my ‘left-brain’ working life with ‘right-brain’ interests. For each cloud conference on my to-do list (i.e., Dreamforce), I make time for a creative program…

Customer success according to Gandhi