Month: June 2016

Finishing 2nd is a good thing

I read the newspapers and drink the coffee as I pass through Calgary. Canada is a frozen tundra much of the year, except during the summer when it can be warmer than San Francisco.  Canada may not be #1 in most polls or contests…

Lightning Summer ’16

How Airbnb designs for trust

This message will self-destruct in 48 seconds

Bay area VC Tomasz Tunguz has become a key voice in the SaaS world. He is also a prolific blogger. He wrote the following blog post: I couldn’t agree more from a business marketing standpoint. Relevant attention-grabbing content matters more than ever…when you have something to sell….

Tennis in Napa – 6/18/2016

Napa has a lot to offer. Definitely recommend the tennis camp at the Silverado Resort and Spa. Glad to have this hobby which has kept me grounded over the years.  

Born Good

“In the 1980s, George Thorogood sang about being born ‘bad to the bone,’ but can we actually be naturally bad? People for Good, a Canadian-based charitable organization, sets out to claim that people aren’t born bad but good.”

The advent of the Customer Success Technologist

Nice article by Catherine Blackmore who oversees Customer Success for Oracle Marketing Cloud. Customers want hand-holding and are keen on technology, data and analytics packaged in the form of best practice delivery. Customer enablement should involve the whole company and not just be delegated…