Month: December 2018

Seven Buddhist Habits

Journey Manager? Evolution of the Customer Success Manager

‘Journey manager’ is a fast-growing role emerging in 2019. Great talk here by Kerry Bodine about why this role will get standardized like CSM.

FY19: Think Local. Act Locally.

2018 is almost over. Just a quick reflection. Growth and constant movement have run their course. The desire for new experiences still overrides stillness and the status quo. Life spent on the road warrants slowing down. Why not just take care of things wherever…


New startup Ambi is making education relevant again in the age of social media. Social collaboration and online learning does not assure goals are being met. This really helps college administrators manage touchpoints in order to make significant improvements to the student experience. There’s…

George Orwell quote

Is social media a time sink or productivity booster? Everyone does their time as information janitors.

Upwardly Global in Seattle – 12/20/2018

Upwardly Global is a nonprofit helping US-based refugees secure good jobs. I’ve participated with UpGlo in the past. It’s great to see this org expand to Seattle. RSVP here or ping me if you want to learn more.  

Jobs for Good

LinkedIn data sources confirmed that Customer Success is one of the most promising jobs for the immediate future. Link Jobs are plentiful for folks eager to become customer success managers based on their domain expertise. More companies should frame such roles to highlight social…