Month: May 2016

Service Cloud Lightning Snap-ins

Salesforce debuts lightning snap-ins for multi-channel support

Consulting 101


Scaling with CXM

Your customers are always evolving. It’s a challenge keeping up with these moving targets. You reap what you sow whether it’s an internal or external customer. Your CRM is a data-gathering machine. But even the greatest dashboards won’t let you know how you made…

The path from Ego to Empathy

It takes ego to build a career. Empathy sustains the mission. David vs Goliath. Empathy vs Ego. The battle inside can be won.  Mitch and Freada Kapor set the tone in Silicon Valley.  

CXPA Event – 6/29/2016

Is customer experience management the new CRM? Learn more about CX at an upcoming event hosted by the San Francisco CXPA chapter and Gainsight. Register now.


PranaMask was a passion project from several years ago. The idea was strong enough to get me into a Silicon Valley incubator. It was hard to find a market then, but now it’s an absolute necessity. I’m bringing the project back to life if…

Alternative forms of capital

Is there another way of getting things done? The purpose of life (and business) is to serve others.  Nice talk here by friend and community guru Nipun Mehta.