Month: May 2017

The Bicycle machines of Guatemala 

It’s a hardscrabble life in much of the developing world. High tech is not as widespread as one might think. Low tech remains popular. There are creative ways to achieve high impact as shown in this Karmatube video. Social entrepreneur Mario Juarez shares his…

Lightning in a bottle

Salesforce Classic maybe going away as the world learns the tricks of Lightning. It’s probably not a good idea to begin a huge customization project using Visualforce pages. Capital One – Lightning in 3 months T-Mobile – Lightning in 5 months End users own the experience…

Customer Experience 101

Implementing a CX program is not the hard part. The biggest challenge is showing value to management with business metrics, new solution prototypes and partnering with customers. Customers don’t want more surveys.  Excellent perspective here from Darcy Bevelacqua

Japanese meditation

Takafumi Kawakami is a US-educated Japanese Zen priest based at Shunkoin Zen Buddhist temple. I’ve been to Kyoto many times. Sometimes, you need to travel thousands of miles just to find peace. Sometimes, the stillness finds you. Here’s a great talk by Kawakami-San. “Zen has been…

Text summarization

In 2017, the average person is expected to spend 12 hours and 7 minutes every day consuming some form of media according to research from Salesforce. The lost productivity is immeasurable. This latest AI-based technology could be a breakthrough. Article link    

The secret of Customer Success

The Japanese word kyokan means both “empathy” and “sympathy” in English. The right dose of empathy is needed to understand customers.  

Signs of life 

Early stage Cleantech is back with a new VC fund and the revival of Cleanweb meetups. I think there’s a correlation in the number of tech meetings and how ‘hot’ a sector might be. The incubators, conferences and funding sources are back. Expectations look tempered in…