Month: March 2015


America is the most desirable place for immigrants. It’s a no-brainer why people choose to come here. Skills-based immigration needs greater clearance. This is why I support FWD.US

Freshservice discount for NGOs

Japanese marketing

The Japanese band Mahousyoujo-ni-naritai was popular at SXSW in Austin. Japanese companies have become good at exporting their cars and electronics. Japanese food is mainstream in most countries. When it comes to musical talent and startup technologies, there is a long way to go…

The new normal

I’ve traveled a lot. Glad it’s over. No planes. No car. In a past life, sometimes I would hit 100,000 miles in one year.

The Future of Frictionless

Good presentation.  What is a frictionless customer experience? 1. Reliable 2. Relevant 3. Valuable 4. Trustable Adding one more: 5. Sharing the Japanese spirit of hospitality known as Omotenashi The Future of Frictionless.


It’s easy to migrate to the SaaS world, and even easier to switch to another solution. How do you keep your customers happy? Causes_Churn_Presentation [excellent report about churn from]

Serve the people

If you serve the people, the money will come. I wrote this blog some time ago. Let’s hope more companies get this right. purpose of business