Month: May 2015

Freshdesk and AWS

CHT in Dallas on 6/11

Secret sauce and coffee? A few seats are still open… CHT in Dallas


Coffee for helpers…

Journey from consumer to producer

Yesterday, I attended a breakfast program hosted by one of San Francisco’s popular startups. It was a business intelligence firm promising to turn everyone into a reporting machine. This is something hundreds of startups are doing today, mostly copying each other. Marketing is the…

Immigrant comedy

Tamil-American Aziz Ansari sharing his story and thanking his parents. It’s hard to come to this country…

Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

Cool gadget

Dhamma Brothers update

Dhamma Brothers is a true story of meditation being taught in prison. Great movie with an update here. It’s really hard to do a 10 day vipassana course (which I’ve done). I can’t imagine going through life without it. Meditation needs to be taught…