Month: May 2018

The Age of Data science

Every time I visit Japan, I learn something new. Japanese consumers quickly adopt the latest technologies. As a country, Japan actually lags behind in creating successful information technology companies. The lack of data scientists and software engineers impacts growth. Vast amounts of useful data…

Buddha Quote

Pitch for impact

Recently, I judged at a startup pitch event. The event was atypical and its goals contrasted with the surrounding startup culture. Such events in Silicon Valley happen often where the number of investors might actually outnumber entrepreneurs. In this case, a handful of volunteers…

Trading partner compliance across borders

Instead of a building a wall, how about implementing better technologies to prevent the illicit flow of hazardous chemicals? 60 Minutes


Steve Jobs nails it here: self-management, intense passion, hands-on and a common vision. Ten minutes is what I need with the best managers, leaders and CEOs. I would add compassion and gratitude — which may not have been part of the original Apple lore….

Deals vs Relationships

Generating deal-flow is the default expectation of a transactional economy. The path to the presidency is now paved for deal-makers. Everything seems to get measured for the sake of increasing deal-flow. An insidious theme grabs mindshare in a society where relationships grow or die…

Salesforce for Healthcare

It’s 2018, and use cases are still being defined in healthcare. Customized solutions have been launched by Salesforce. It’s good news, but these type of solutions are hard to replicate and take a long time to implement. It’s mind-boggling that government isn’t doing more…