Month: February 2015

The Evolution of CRM

Adding one of my old blog posts here. The CRM industry is over 20 years old. We’ve come a long way. CRM is about delivering customer happiness and helping people. …….. Evolution of CRM raj.padmanabhan on Sep 18, 2013 Sometimes I daydream. I think…

How to stop looking at your phone every 5 seconds

Most likely you are looking at this on a device. Is it making you smarter? More self-aware? Are there better things you could be doing like feeding your children? When was the last time you called your parents? smartphone usage study Nearly everyone is…

Secret to creativity?

Here’s Steve Jobs speech in 1982 about gathering a portfolio of life experiences in order to improve your creative potential.

Build Customer Success

Why Freshdesk?

Automation vs. Sharing Economy

I was reading this article posted by a friend on Linkedin. Yeah, artificial intelligence, APIs and automation will reduce administrative tasks and maybe some layers of management. But, this will not reduce employment in the manner described. I don’t think we have scratched…


If you believe travel gets you closer to salvation, Kiyomizu-dera (the temple of clear water) is one of those destinations. It might be the spiritual center of Japan. View this post on Instagram 除夜の鐘|Joya no Kane #kyoto #kiyomizudera #japan #temple #清水寺#京都#日本#寺 A post shared…

Story behind Philz

Coffee, people, culture….40 years and counting. Phil Jaber transformed a corner grocery store into an empire based on the one thing he loves to do — make exceptional coffee.    

Customer Success moving forward

Auroville project

Auroville is one of the most interesting places in the world where idealism becomes your reality, whether you choose to take a holiday break or begin a life transformation.  

Speed matters

John Wooden talk

The master of preparation and good habits explaining what it’s all about…