Month: April 2019

Relationship $

We spend our lives improving performance @work, but do less to enhance our relationships in the workplace. Good article here. Great work alone doesn’t speak for itself. Agree with Carla Harris that relationship currency accelerates professional advancement as much as performance. Some companies get…


Japanese translation of “nostalgia”


The Seattle-based nonprofit Earthcorps is powered by Salesforce.


Decision-making takes a backseat to the incessant pursuit of options. A single data-driven decision gets delayed because there are too many options; many news apps, too many candidates for president, many high quality restaurants, and too many software choices, and so on. What happens…

Salesforce Essentials

It’s never been easier to get started if you are brand new to Salesforce.

Good Friday

Houston is a decent city with lots to do. India, Japan, and BBQ on-demand…

Redefining ‘Diversity in Tech’

I co-hosted a dialogue recently sponsored by Net Impact. Our group at the Table4Twelve program was diverse and represented a decent cross-section of who works in tech. Yet, I left feeling uneasy. As someone who’s benefited from my ’model minority-ness’, I continue to ask…