Month: August 2014

Saving the Sun

Good book. I had a front row seat in Japan while working for Shinsei Bank. Gillian Tett provides an accurate summary here. She is the US managing editor of the Financial Times. Maybe I’ll write a book, too.  


Worse than smoking? Sitting

Good talk by entrepreneur Nilofer Merchant. Walk and talk.  

Best Cities in the world

No argument against Tokyo here….

Best Marketing video of all time?

The founder of this company returned in September 1997. He was 42 years old and trying to rescue a sinking ship. The stock price  was around $22 (or $5.50 today adjusted for splits). Dell stock closed at $86.69. Very few people get a second act…

Peak Performance Leadership applied to the Sharing economy

It’s hard to read anything these days that doesn’t flash before your eyes and disappear quickly. Recently I read an entire book. It was a leadership tome by Chip Conley, an executive at Airbnb. Conley is the author of four books, including Peak: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow….

Japan (March 2013)

Just got back from Japan. I lived there many years ago and thought of re-connecting with that world again. It was neat to see Japanese art, design and music in an authentic form since we often see the commercial side of Japanese exports. After the tsunami…