Month: March 2019

Doing the Enough Thing

Canadian Shane Parrish has a great blog focused on self-improvement. FS published an insightful interview with Jason Fried, founder of Basecamp. I’ve used the Basecamp project management tool. It works. A red stapler is no longer required. 😉 The best part is knowing…

Restoring Empathy

We live in a gilded time. The appearance of success conceals the shadows of struggle and misfortune. Entrepreneurial success without a conscience has a high cost. It’s possible to detox and do the right things. Social media weaponizes the world to mask reality. Success…

Using Tasks in Salesforce

I’ve shared a lot of tips and short videos about using Salesforce. The software is getting much better.

Dying for a paycheck

The Economist’s article No job is worth sacrificing one’s life for. Let the horses run but choose to become mindful instead. Here’s another book recommendation: Link

Deep Listening

Thich Nhat Hanh/ Oprah interview (KarmaTube) Admittedly, I’m a novice at deep listening. So much of the world’s suffering could be reduced by simply listening. Technology needs to be managed so that the culture of deep listening can grow.


2019 March Madness

Distraction reduces anxiety. March Madness can be a stress buster. My bracket usually gets busted in the 2nd week. End-of-Season momentum is my favorite success criteria when I pick. The Longhorns aren’t in the mix this year. The ghost of all-time great Kevin Durant…