Month: June 2018

Healthcare relationship management

Excellent talk by Salesforce’s chief medical officer Josh Newman. The key for a large product company like Salesforce (or any small startup) is building out the partner ecosystem. Real world problems like healthcare get solved by partnering…. Look forward to understanding Salesforce’s healthcare ecosystem…

Whatever it takes

Sometimes, it seems like the bad guys just keep winning. Being nice may win a few battles, but it won’t win the war. Good people need to fight for what’s right. Great song by Imagine Dragons… “Falling too fast to prepare for this. Tripping…

Knowing how to look and learn

J. Krishnamurti was a favorite guru for my father. I heard JK quotes more than anything else.

Building resilience

Social entrepreneur Leila Janah shares a great essay about building emotional resilience. I’ve met Leila and attended her fundraisers. She has blazed a trail for do-gooders like me. How do we grow our own spiritual gardens as we face enormous challenges — whether it’s…

Blockchain technology for coffee

Onda Origins is a social impact company leveraging blockchain technology. It serves a niche market that could grow exponentially as larger firms such as Starbucks take notice. Increasingly, consumers want transparency in the supply chain. This is a great example of truly serving consumers and…

6/19 Healthcare Customer Success event

Just a couple slots left for upcoming event… Link

Anthony Bourdain: 1956 – 2018

I’ve visited close to 40 countries. It’s a small fraction of what Anthony Bourdain has documented in his travels. Bourdain along with Pico Iyer have helped me map my travels — vicariously through their travel shows and books. It’s a huge loss to see…

Peaceful Warriors?

I’m a fan of the Golden State Warriors and happy to see the dynasty they’ve created. I had a chance to witness another dynasty arise from scratch: the San Antonio Spurs led by Coach Pop and David Robinson. Steve Kerr was part of that…

Aldous Huxley quote

Technology can move the needle towards peace and democracy, or become the ultimate suppressant — a tool to make the masses comfortably numb.

Mary Meeker’s annual report

I’m reading Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report 2018 on Scribd and thought you might like it. Link

Neither black nor white

This dialogue in America quickly turns black or white when it comes to politics, people, sports or even the perception of success. Every time I peruse social media or watch tv, I look for shades of gray. Instead, I see bias in most content….

People-first culture

Meg Dryer oversees consumer experience for Cambia Health, one of the most innovative orgs in the Pacific Northwest. My team implemented Salesforce at Cambia last year. The design principles which increased user adoption went beyond our system-oriented use cases. Meg has successfully implemented an…