Month: February 2019

Techstars Seattle

Geekwire article: Link “Seattle leaders have done a good job of saying, ‘we need to do stuff to make this city a great place to live for everyone and not just a great place to make money.’ I think that’s an underreported narrative about…

When the Market is Our Only Language

Great interview with Anand Giridharadas about his new book Winners Take All. How do we elevate conscious capitalism in an age of endless self-interest?

Isaiah 40:31

One-time meeting

Japanese hospitality is hard to forget. I have a strong sense of connection to Japan and go there more often than to my ancestral homeland India. Perhaps, omotenashi is traceable to the concept ichi-go ichi-e.

Helping, Hustling, and Harvesting

There are three attributes I really admire amongst my entrepreneur friends. Helping, hustling, and harvesting — move the needle for me. #1 They are always helping even while selling. Helpers make the world go around. They volunteer and do things without asking. Helpers build…

Seattle Freeze – 2/4/2019

First snowfall in 2019. Seattle is great, but maybe not for everyone: Link More than one thousand folks are moving here every week.