Month: November 2015


Based on a true life story from The Original Soupman in NYC


When I began my consulting career, I provided software reviews and recommendations to enterprise customers. Best-in-Breed was the focal point with a huge number of startups pushing hard to grab market share in the late 90s through early 2000s. It was labor-intensive work where…

Accelerating Cloud adoption in Japan

Salesforce started operations in Japan back in 2000 in a tiny Shibuya office. I had the fortune to see the company when it was quite small and pitching to the large Tokyo-based company I worked for. Oracle owned the on-premise IT apps market back…

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Do you have a playbook?

There are cloud-based tools for nearly every business use case. Many claim to be Do-it-Yourself. One of my colleagues often likes to say, “Self-service does not equal No service.” It takes trouble-shooting and a “solution” mindset to run these tools efficiently. The on-demand world needs…

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11/3 Japan Night

There are some events I attend once a year. You learn more about Japanese entrepreneurship here than almost anywhere else.