Month: February 2018


A handful of companies like Muji exceed expectations by delivering on their brand’s impact-driven promise.  Patagonia also comes to mind. It’s good to see a Japanese company expand in this way and not by sheer force of commercialism. Masaaki Kanai  

One Day

Japan Pitch Night

Fukushima Wheel is a bike-sharing technology company which wants to bring a commercial spin to these immense and oftentimes, struggling civic projects. Jun Yamadera overcame the Fukushima nuclear disaster by becoming an entrepreneur. He made a great pitch at a Silicon Valley event with…

Technology and transparency across the Supply chain

Everything produced should be tracked. Everything tracked should be certified to meet ethical standards. No rock should be left unturned. Much progress has been made thanks to citizen journalists and activists like China Labor Watch. Here’s a big data problem that should be solved with…