Month: October 2016

Happy Diwali


Take Scoop

Scoop is an automated carpooling service for Bay Area commuters. It’s not that easy getting ‘scooped’ given that the number of eager riders far exceeds available drivers. It works occasionally and will make your life easier.  Link


In Japan, there is a saying: If there is a long line, join it.  The national character is to obey authority. Rather than rebel against the powerful, it is better to accept it. To survive in Japan is to belong to a group. This sense…

Create a ‘training culture’

In a recent survey, only 24% of companies have established a training plan for adopting cloud solutions. Training is the lowest hanging fruit (link) as you increase product adoption. It aligns your teams and ensures that they are ready to benefit from the cloud. Most…

Thomas Jefferson quote 


Nobel what?

In this age of narcissistic self-indulgence, Bob Dylan preserves himself unlike anyone else in his shoes. Thinking different (link) and becoming who you really are — is the ultimate brand-building exercise for a lifelong contrarian. Nobel what?  

Empathy in Banking

First Direct offers a great customer experience in Great Britain. It ranked #1 for customer experience in a recent survey.  Banks can become customer-centric by balancing left-brain efficiency with right-brain customer service. Empathy (link) is trending as a core business value. Zoe Burns-Shore delivers…