Month: October 2019

Podcast: Innovating for Greater Social Impact

Podcast hosted by SocialImpact CX. Here’s John Corrigan’s conversation with Ann Mei Chang, author of Lean Impact.    




A culture of empathy makes Japan a bit more frictionless than most countries. Omoiyari or empathy is a minimal expectation, not something which needs to be taught or enforced.

Putting patients first

MD Anderson strives for as much human interaction as possible — creating a patient-centric experience that does not lead with technology. Rebecca Kaul, Chief Innovation Officer, outlines a world-class experience for patients and their families. I can attest to it — having walked the…


I left the Democratic party because it catered to career politicians. I believe Donald Trump (or Mike Pence) will win in 2020 if the Democrats chose another generic politician as a challenger. Someone new like Andrew Yang deserves a chance.  

11/12 CX for Social Impact

Great upcoming event by SF CXPA chapter and SF Tech4Good. Look forward to learning about the intersection of customer experience and Social Impact. Registration link

Social Impact Gaming

Entrepreneurship is often derived from life experiences rarely witnessed in America. Challenges yield creativity. Lual Mayen escaped Sudan and now runs a gaming company in DC. The son of another refugee entrepreneur Abdul Fattah Jandali is none other than the great Steve Jobs. America’s…