Month: October 2019


This Japanese expression meaning “one life, one encounter” is a favorite. Time flies, but memories can be made to last. Behavioral psychology points to the younger population choosing experiences over things. How do we keep up in the business world? I’ve learned that treating…

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud

Salesforce is giving core customers opportunities to make the world a better place by adopting solutions like Sustainability Cloud. As a technology consultant I wonder if there will be enough demand (without global mandates) to implement these solutions.

Companies that Care

Employee engagement is easier when volunteering is ingrained in the culture (and not a PR stunt). I’m inspired by CEOs who drive social impact. Here are some leading companies… Link

Repeat Customer Great podcast by Mio Adilman and Zendesk. As a One Medical customer, I can vouch for the intuitive mobile app and on-demand availability of great docs. Frankly, the healthcare industry needs the most disruption.      

CXPA Webinar: Metrics, Measurement, and ROI

Give local

This is Silicon Valley’s dilemma: To empower and train (give back locally) or to automate and outsource (reduce local opportunities). The tech sector should benefit local communities wherever it succeeds. The 99% lives here, too.