Month: August 2015

Life after tennis

Life lessons from tennis legend Andre Agassi as he begins his latest venture… BY GQ 19 AUGUST 15 Are your decisions based on instinct or information? I have a gut instinct – a feeling for what I want to do. Then I feel committed…

“No Wifi here”

Has “unplugging” and going through digital detox become the norm for “rebooting” oneself? Joy of Quiet article


Japanese wisdom applied to customer success. The journey never ends. 1. kanso 簡素 – Simplicity through decluttering. 2. seijaku 静寂 – Find meaning and stillness in the midst of everyday hustle. Customers seek purpose beyond products. 3. datsuzoku 脱俗 –  Breaking from convention can result…

The Uber experience

Uber has nearly 200,000 drivers in the U.S. An NFL player is one of them. The “experience” of riding or driving an Uber (or Lyft) is becoming daily life.

The Cowboys and Sabermetrics

The Dallas Cowboys were a powerhouse in the 60s and 70s thanks to A. Salam Qureishi and IBM. Article Link

Shikata ga nai

A popular Japanese saying…explained well here.. Japanese wisdom article

Moneyball revisited

The San Francisco Giants own the lionshare of the local fanbase. Many years ago, I got tired of rooting for the Giants after the Barry Bonds debacle. Of course, the team has made amends since then. The Houston Astros were my favorite team, but…