Month: October 2018

Vaclav Havel quotes

Gab still exists?

Gab is a social media startup which created the ‘go-to’ app used by perpetrators of hate crimes including the one in Pittsburgh. At some point, I’m sure Gab co-founders (which includes immigrants) did not intend it to become a destination for extremist hate-mongers. The…

10/26 Impactathon – Customer Success for Good

Great event held today in San Francisco. It wouldn’t have been possible without collaboration partners including Impactathon, SFTechforGood, and WeWork. Special thanks to Neetal Parekh for facilitating an amazing workshop. It was wonderful sharing the stage with Vijay Mehrotra, Andrea Spillman-Gajek and Rajesh Kadam — representing a broad cross-section of…

Why books matter

Books are proof that a soul exists.

Truth through Satire

There’s a nonstop struggle in Silicon Valley to find a balance between success, survival and enlightenment. Meditation centers and yoga retreats might outnumber startups and burger joints. Spiritual gurus in California are just as well-known as venture capitalists. The most important thing is to…

Gospel Technology

Congrats to Gospel for becoming Salesforce Ventures’ first blockchain investment… Could this technology secure data better than traditional means — where it’s captured, mined and exposed with limited discretion?

What is Customer Success for Good?

Customer Success (CS) is one of the fastest growing job titles in the world. CS lives to achieve customer happiness across an organization. The CS team is empowered to make a difference. Social impact can become part of CS’s mission when business is great. Success…