Month: January 2018

The Discarded

Brazil was featured at the Wild and Scenic Festival. The film festival is held every year in Nevada City and showcases many films shot mostly by using a smartphone. The world needs more conscious travelers and accidental environmentalists to uncover problems like this one….

Right now

It’s easy to do just about anything. The smartphone experience has become a window into the human journey. Connecting with others has become a click on LinkedIn or Facebook. The news is news if it excites and spurs a reaction. The truth is lost…

Become empty

The world is fundamentally out of balance. Technology accelerates the chaos. It takes effort to clear the mind. Mindfulness and humility allow for a peaceful journey. More noise and more challenges require more meditation and exercise. Just a self-reminder. The clock ticks by helping…

Feed the good wolf

2018 is the Year of the Dog. Wolves are considered to be ancestors of dogs. Best wishes in the New Year (based on this Native American creed)!