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myTrailhead demo

If your org is a heavy Salesforce user, myTrailhead will help increase user adoption.


Nifty travel and expense management solution built on Salesforce Try it out: Link

Popular Certs in Tech Industry

I get asked a lot about tech careers. An industry focus remains essential while acquiring tech skills. You don’t want to become good at something you don’t enjoy, so make sure that your skills contribute to an industry which excites you. Blog about it….

Build a Dashboard (fast)

Building dashboards in Salesforce is getting easier. This is the lowest hanging fruit if you administer Salesforce. Ping me if you need help.

The New Chatter

I’ve used Quip, a Salesforce product. It’s great for collaboration although I prefer Slack. Amazon uses Quip per this case study video. Salesforce should seriously consider buying Slack.


Japan is experiencing a tech boom in smaller cities. Wakayama Prefecture is attracting companies such as Salesforce. I’m familiar with larger cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. Metros are favored in most countries. Local outposts have been a part of the tech trend in…

Measuring what matters

The influential B Lab nonprofit built an assessment app on Heroku, which is part of the Salesforce ecosystem. This is a great Heroku case study. ICIX is another Heroku/Salesforce case study which I’m familiar with. There are many other stories highlighting social impact using…