Month: July 2016

Drone delivery is here

7/10/2016 may not mean much compared to 7/20/1969 when the first moon landing happened. This will be transformational in many ways. It was a huge day in Reno, Nevada and the beginning of commercial drone delivery. Brought to you by your favorite convenience store……

The Road to Dreamforce

Hillary Trump 2016

  This single determinant is the hardest thing to figure out in Election ’16. I’m reminded of Kerry vs George ‘W’ in 20o4. Hopefully, ‘competence’ prevails this time.  In America, ‘likeability’ influences  voters’ minds more than anything else. 

J-Pop Summit – 7/23/2016

Attended the annual J-Pop Summit Festival. Interesting cultural event with a tech conference, too. The Japanese robotics industry leads Silicon Valley in unleashing consumer-facing products. This year’s festival introduced BOCCO, the Japanese version Amazon’s Echo with a very practical application for families in Japan. Really cool. Lots of opportunity…

One-stop shop

Salesforce is becoming a one-stop shop with improved reporting capabilities. BI has become one of its strengths now. Side note: Lots of tiny SaaS companies are trying to sell to enterprise. They might not have an enterprise-grade product, but Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, or another…


The empathy gap is pervasive.    How does one overcome this?   

Durant quotes 

Looking forward to the Warriors season. They might break the NBA scoring record.