Month: November 2014

Getting started with Freshdesk

Not all Cloud software was intended to be rocket science. Some tools like Freshdesk and Freshservice are ready for deployment today. Expensive SaaS software and Mensa-like tests with certification requirements should not stop you from becoming a Cloud champion. Simplicity can solve most problems….

Who made who?

Will technology own the human race? …maybe AC/DC got it right in the 80s.


NPS is a tool to gauge the loyalty of a firm’s customer relationships. It should be part of your toolkit as you measure “customer” health.

Hunters vs Farmers

George Lucas Quote

TED Talk: How to live to be 100+

Customer Experience presentation

Peppers and Rogers is a consulting firm co-founded by Don Peppers and Martha Rogers. Don Peppers shared the following about Customer Experience. Customer Experience (CX) is the rage these days. There is a correlation between a positive customer experience and an increase in brand…