Month: April 2015


What is customer experience? Not software or just a survey. CX is about taking a step back and thinking about the big picture from a customer perspective. Learn more about it.

Corporate knowledge

“That corporate knowledge that builds year in and year out is really invaluable I think. So they understand what the coach wants and the coach knows what he’s going to get every night. When players know what they’re going to get from each other,…

Why do the Japanese live longer?

Avoid salt. Eat fish and soy.

Silicon Valley Gives

..on May 5, you can help “Shepherd the flock of God among you, exercising oversight not under compulsion, but voluntarily, according to the will of God; and not for sordid gain, but with eagerness.” 1 Peter 5:2 Bible “Our duty to others means helping…

Consumerization of IT

Freshdesk has a unique business model. What if everyone bought software and received enough hand-holding to run a business or a department? Pre-built Freshdesk software is scalable, affordable and will help you Go Live faster than other products. You have bright, empathetic professionals willing…

Highlighting champions

Judson University showing how it’s done

Going global from India

Getting Started

Is your customer service social?

SMS and social media will become the quickest channels to reach your customers within the next 5 years. Social Customer Service from Freshdesk — Don’t expect too many phone calls but you will hear from them 24×7. Are you ready?

Building the next generation of entrepreneurs

BUILD needs Volunteers like you … Entrepreneurial education needs to be part of every core curriculum.

Why BizTalk360 Loves Freshdesk

BizTalk360 is a UK-based firm offering an all-in-one solution to efficiently administer, operate and monitor your Microsoft BizTalk Server environments.

Good things sell themselves

FreshService is easy to implement, fun to use, and quickly gains adoption with free multi-channel support. New features are released every month. Just do it yourself like Judson University.

Solar Hackathon, April 17-18

Solar PV prices were $8-10 per watt in 2005, but now it’s about $3 per watt. In California, solar is 20% cheaper than the traditional power grid. The sun is not going away anytime soon.