Category: Customer Success

CX for Nonprofits

Nice clip highlighting the difference. Stay tuned for an event later this year about implementing CX at nonprofits.

It’s automation, stupid

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang portended an ominous future in the recent debate. Forget about the immigration threat to American jobs, automation is here to stay. More experts are needed to implement automation tools. Great video here showing how one worker has survived workforce disruption in…

CCXP eligibility

Helpful webinar while preparing for the CX certification. It’s a lot more than I expected.

Caregiving 101 @MD Anderson

My family is grateful for the loving support of family, friends, colleagues, and many strangers. Some of the best tips we received in this cancer journey were from Uber and Lyft drivers. Many caregivers are children of patients. It’s difficult to begin journeys into…

Kudos to …

Voxility for unplugging tech companies promoting hate. This is ’Customer Success for Good.’ Link

Kustomer Relationship Management

Recently discovered a new CRM. There are many support tools in the marketplace. Reminds me of the year 2000. Of course, I blogged about it. The tools are beginning to look the same. Salesforce is the market leader just like Siebel once was in…

Giving up the driver’s seat

Great talk here. I’m used to being in the driver’s seat. When it comes to helping a relative get through cancer treatment, I’ve relented to doctors and medical experts. Let experts drive when necessary. This is especially true in the world of customer success.