Month: June 2015

Freshdesk for Mobile

D-I-Y is the new Strategy

Old School Strategy: Read a book, analyze data with excel, create a deck, hire smart consultants New School Strategy: Automation and Empowerment of Customers. Offer everything-as-a-Service. Build products that sell themselves. Develop people and encourage entrepreneurship.

Rules for content [self-reminder]

1. Share content I wish to see in the world. 2. Is it good for the company you keep? 3. It better be worth it.

Setting up a support email address in Freshservice

Honest company

Personal impact, passion and finding the right partners…before launching The Honest Co

Three simple rules

Several years ago I found myself working at a Japanese bank owned by Americans. I could barely speak the language when I arrived in Tokyo. On a daily basis, I dealt with a three-headed monster representing worlds contrasting each other. My local colleagues came…

Shoot from the hip

Improvisational skills and thick skin keeps one mission-driven. You never know what tomorrow brings. A karaoke favorite…